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Marcelino is a system created for cello, sensors, and Max-Msp. This system enables me to play the cello and process the sound of it at the same time. Sensors are mounted on the violoncello on a strong piece of fabric. There are three types of sensors: buttons, faders, and two pedals .The sensors are attached to an IpSonCompact I/O board which translate the voltage coming from the sensors into OSC. It communicates with the computer via Ethernet. This information is used to control different sound synthesis. Marcelino is a work in progress, allowing for constant change and evolution.
Marcelino is selected for the STRP Festival as one of the best young talent projects of 2010.


Percussion Instrument

These two boards were built in 2011. The idea behind it was to be able to have a percussion instrument that was easy to transport and that did not require an extra amplification. The pink board consists in one piezo microphone in the middle of the table. This type of microphone amplifies the vibration of the objects themselves and translates this vibration into sound. The objects attached will not produce an interesting sound with a normal amplification, but with this piezo microphone the sound result is powerful. This board has attached a jack female plug, and it can be directly connected with a jack cable.

The second board is done with seven contact microphones, the difference here is that the objects placed in this second board have very different sonic characteristics. Moreover the microphones are isolated from each other, giving me the possibility of transforming and equalizing the sound of each object individually. This board has attached four jack female plugs, and it can be directly connected with four jack cables.

The connection between the visual and the aural events are based upon the rate of change of the different patterns and individuals events. Both the sound and the light are linked together with the parameter of time and speed.






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