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Time shift

This piece has been composed by Yamila Rios for the ensemble “Nam” in 2011. Nam is form by Angelica Vazquez (Harp), Yolanda Uriz (Flute and electronics) and Mei yi Lee (Percussion). This piece is very much related to the nature of the instruments of the ensemble and how they are treated or extended in order to create richer timbres. In this video a stereo version is presented. The original version is for a quadraphonic set up of speakers. Time-Shift is about the relation between the spaces where the piece is reproduced, the movements of the different sounds in this space and the way the sonic material evolve in time.


This will end

“This will end” was done in 2012. Originally the piece should be play in four channel speakers. The title refers to the impossibility of having a piece of music that will never start and never end, which will be floating around forever. Since this is not possible I decided to imagine how it would sound a part of this never-ending piece. We can consider “This will end” as an excerpt of this never ending sound that I imagine.




Three places

This piece was created by Yamila Ríos between February 2010 until June 2010 for the Taiwanese percussionist Mei-Yi Lee. The idea was to explore the sonic qualities of such a simple instrument as the bass drum. I divided the possibilities of the instrument into two main categories. In the first one are the different sounds that the instrument can produce. In this piece the bass drum is played in places and in ways that are not the common ones. The second one are the different objects that can vibrate, move and sound thanks to the vibration of the membrane of the instrument. All these different sounds are captured with two microphones and transformed with the program Max-Msp.

The piece, as the title suggests is divided in three. In each part a different sound material and transformation of this sound is used. These three parts are quite different from one another and the idea was to create a different space and atmosphere in each of those parts.



Cello Reflections

This piece was composed in 2009, using "Marcelino", a system created by myself for cello, sensors and Max-Msp. This system enables me to play the cello and process its sound at the same time. The idea of this piece was to play with the sound masses, which I created with such a system and with the reflections of those sounds in a bathroom. Different sound blocks were played back in a total of six speakers. Each speaker was placed in a very different position in space, and the result was recorded with two mics in the middle of the room. The recordings were edited afterwards.




Beta distribution

This piece was done using the program Kyma and a generator from the AcTool-Box call Beta-Choice. With this generator a value is chosen according to a beta distribution. This distribution chooses values near its two limits. This generator was applied to parameters such as pitch and rhythm.






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